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The NetFlow Replicator is a network testing module. It will circulate NetFlow packets around your network to a specific destination.

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With this, you can check on the abilities of your network infrastructure to handle specific traffic volumes. The NetFlow Generator is another testing tool that enables you to test increased traffic scenarios on your existing. The tool generates fake packets to examine the capabilities of services, such as load balancers, firewalls, and network performance monitoring alerts.

Open source software is often hit and miss with regards to network monitoring, but Zabbix is a product that gets it right straight from deployment. Customization is an area that Zabbix performs particularly well. There are user-configured notifications which can be sent through email or SMS. You can also run scripts remotely on devices throughout your network. This is useful for acting quickly on occasions where a service is experiencing performance issues. In the event that Zabbix recognizes a problem on your network, a message will rise in the messages window.

This will detail everything that needs to be addressed. Zabbix also has an extensive range of templates that you can use to monitor popular devices. Each template comes with default applications, triggers, graphs and scenarios relating to the vendor device in question. Overall Zabbix is a solid network performance monitor for mid to large organizations.

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Observium is a network monitoring solution that is aimed at organizations of all size to monitor network performance. Any platform using the SNMP protocol can be identified via the auto-discovery feature. This automatically locates devices throughout your network and pulls information from them straight to your console. This information can then be rendered into a graph for closer inspection. The majority of your monitoring is done from the overview page. Here you can view all devices on your network alongside their status. Observium also meets one of our key differentiators in the form of threshold alerts.

Threshold alerts enable the user to monitor devices and receive alerts when certain criteria, such as poor responce time, are met.

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You can also receive alerts when a particular service goes down. This minimizes the manual burden of monitoring a large network. Observium is available in two versions; Community and Professional. A full list of pricing options is available here. Icinga 2 is another relatively well-known network monitoring software product. Icinga uses SNMP and direct monitoring to gather usage data from each device active on a network. The entire user interface is secured with SSL. This product is used by a number of large organizations. Names such as Audi, Adobe, and Vodafone have used the Icinga in the past.

However one of the things that set Icinga apart from other products is its use of plugins. Icinga provides you with thousands of plugins to conduct a variety of monitoring tasks. There are unique plugins which operate for both Windows and Linux. Plugins are a great addition that helps to expand the basic functions of the product.

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This program also has its own alerting system , which notifies the user via test or SMS when a network event occurs. There is also the ability to segment alerts and send them straight to specific users.

Segmented alerts is a feature that will prove useful to larger organizations. Icinga embodies all the key differentiators you would expect from a top of the range product. Icinga 2 can be downloaded here. Spiceworks Network Monitor has developed a name for itself as one of the top free network monitoring tools available.

This network monitoring software generates real-time data through the use of SNMP. Installation is incredibly simple for new users. There is an installer that takes you through the initial process of setting up your platform. At this point, the user needs to login in order to start live monitoring. Network Monitor maintains a very clear-cut design.

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There is the main dashboard where you can view your usage data. The dashboard can be customized according to your requirements. Network Monitor supports a variety of color-coded graphs so that you can display your data in a format that is easy to understand. There is enough bandwidth to monitor all your key devices from the home screen.

User configured alerts are another feature that the Spiceworks team have embedded into this product. The user can set alert parameters so that they are notified by email or SMS once certain criteria is met. There is also the option to set custom alert thresholds for individual devices. That being said you cannot create custom alerts to highlight particular error conditions, such as poor response times. The main limitation of Network Monitor is that it has advertisements. Beyond that, this is a solid choice for organizations of all sizes. SpiceWorks Network Monitor is compatible with any version of Windows.

All you need to do to start using the software is to download it to your device.

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With over 30 million users worldwide, Advanced IP Scanner is one of the most widely used network monitoring tools on this list that focuses on IP address usage. Advanced IP Scanner has been designed to analyze LAN environments and allows you to monitor your network devices from one pane of glass. There are many things that make this tool popular, including MAC address detection and the ability to switch computers on and off remotely. It can scan all IP addresses on your network within a user-defined range. Network devices are identified automatically and you can see whether they are currently active or not.

You can also save your favorite devices so that you can scan them in isolation. IP Scanner is thus suitable for organizations looking for a network scanner. All you need to do to begin a scan is click Scan. The program will then start analyzing your network devices and reporting back to you. If you want to view more information about an individual device you can right click on it.

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  • Cell phone monitoring software 995 toolset.
  • Undoubtedly the user interface is one of Advanced IP Scanners main limitations. In spite of its limitations, Advanced IP Scanner has more than enough to appeal to administrators working within high-level enterprise environments. This tool is an ideal network scanning solution. The icing on the cake is that it is completely free. Advanced IP Scanner can be downloaded from this link here.

    Logic Monitor is an excellent SaaS product from the moment you start using it.

    Cell phone monitoring software 995 toolset

    This SaaS tool automatically discovers devices on the network and starts collecting information right out of the box. Ease of use is something that the team behind Logic Monitor has embedded into the entire platform. There are over Logic Modules to assist the user and automate network connection monitoring and alerts. This product is compatible with a wide range of technologies across cloud and hybrid infrastructure. For instance, you can monitor Azure, AWS, servers, apps and websites from one centralized user interface. In terms of visualization, Logic Monitor has a lot to offer.

    You can transfer your network data and display it into color-coded graphs.

    You can also view multiple devices through one graph by viewing Logic in Comparison View.